Monday, August 03, 2009

2009 Football Media Day

Welcome to the 2009 Centennial Conference Football Media Day. Today's format is a unique one as the nine head coaches will participate in an interactive chat, taking questions from the moderator and the audience. You can send in your question once the chat begins via the software or a tweeting us at @centennialconf (use #centennialfb as the hash tag). If you want to send in your question in advance, send it in via the comment box below. We will attempt to get in as many questions as possible.

Please be advised that all questions will be screened by the moderator and we do ask that you submit your name and location (example: Steve Ulrich, Lancaster PA). Media members, if you could please add your affiliation rather than location (example: Steve Ulrich, Lancaster Newspapers).

The schedule for the day (Wednesday, August 5):

11:30-11:55 - Moravian, Muhlenberg, Ursinus
11:55-12:20 - Johns Hopkins, Juniata, McDaniel
12:20-12:45 - Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg

We hope you enjoy the chat.


Scott H. said...
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Scott H. said...

Do the high academic standards of CC schools prevent those schools from legitimately competing for a national championship.

Scott H. said...

Is it possible for a football athlete to also play basketball at your school or are the demands of college academics too much to permit that?

Scott H. said...

Why do you believe Mt. Union is such a dominate force in D3 football.

Scott H. said...

What is the best way for a high school athlete to get noticed by coaches at your school?

john paul said...

Coach Breaux,i been working out with a football play of yours named vito he was exciting to watch in high school was one of the hardest hitting football players i seen .Was wondering what u expect from him and were do u see him playing this year,line, fullback or d-end wish you and your football team the best of luck John Paul

Anonymous said...

To Coach Keating of McDaniel College

Your team's defense (especially the LB corps) has been good overall but your offense has stuggled the last few years. Going into this season your O-line should be strong having played together for three years. However, do you feel you have a legitimate starting QB and RB combination to compete for the CC title?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask each coach what makes his program different than others?

Anonymous said...

For all coaches: Who (other than your team) as the best QB coach.

Anonymous said...

All coaches: What type of offense do you run and how many times do you throw per game.

Anonymous said...

Why are CC football rosters larger than DI schools? How many of kids never see the field?

Anonymous said...

Coach Margraff,

With one of the top returning running backs in the nation should we expect to see more of a running game this season? Your new offensive coordinator was a top notch quarterback in college so the question is raised whether or not the passing game will be enhanced. Furthermore, should we expect to see Hewitt taking all the snaps this year or a rotation?

Anonymous said...

Coach Donnelly,

Replacing a record breaker like Eric Santagato must be a tough task, how is the quarterback position going to shape up for the Mules this year? Would you rather start a more experienced older player who may only be with you another year or try a younger player who could be the starter for a few years to come? And if its an open competition is their a favorite coming into camp to take the spot?

Anonymous said...

Coach Gallagher,

what will it take to bring football program to the level of the basketball program. Do you feel lack of artificial turf hinders the program. Can you talk about your current recruiting class and UC's recruiting strategy for the future.

Anonymous said...

To all CC Coaches:

Name who you feel will be your toughest opponent this year and some of the opposing teams' players you need to watch out for on both sides of the ball-thank you!

Anonymous said...

Questions for Coach Felus: What kind of offense do you expect to run, and what head coaches that you have worked for have shaped your head coaching style?
- Jimmy Joe, Chatanooga

Rick Barnes said...

Coach Breaux

Discuss your recruiting class this year.

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