Friday, April 24, 2009

There's a Chance

It's the final weekend of regular-season play in the Conference - in addition to being "Championship Weekend" for golf and women's lacrosse. When it comes to baseball, softball, tennis and men's lacrosse ... it's "white-knuckle" time. A time when a win and a timely loss by an opponent can lead to a playoff berth. A time when a defeat leads to sweaty palms and knots in the gut as you wait to find out your playoff future. But one thing is for certain as we enter the final stretch ... "There's A Chance."

Ursinus (12-4 CC) can clinch the top seed for next weekend's tournament with a sweep of Gettysburg. A split or a Bullet sweep creates all sorts of possibilities. The Bears take the No. 1 slot in a 13-5 tie with F&M (11-5 CC). Haverford (11-5 CC) is the top seed in a 13-5 deadlock with Ursinus and/or the Diplomats. Johns Hopkins (11-5 CC) gets the #1 spot in a 13-5 tie with Ursinus and F&M or a 12-6 tie with all three teams. Franklin & Marshall's lone hope for the top spot is a sweep of McDaniel, two wins from Gettysburg and a Haverford/Hopkins split. McDaniel can still slip into the tournament with a win vs. Hopkins, a sweep of F&M and a Haverford sweep of JHU ... that is, if the Fords finish ahead of the Bears in the standings.

The Ursinus-Muhlenberg doubleheader will determine the top seed for next weekend's tourney. The Bears (12-2 CC) need one win to secure homefield advantage, while the Mules (11-3 CC) must sweep UC for the #1 slot. Haverford (10-4 CC) and Gettysburg (9-4-1 CC) have locked up the other spots.

Men's Lacrosse
Did you know that the possibility of a six-way tie exists for fourth place? We did ... and here's how it shakes out. Three teams are 3-4 in the CC - Swarthmore, McDaniel and Muhlenberg. The Garnet is in the playoffs with a win vs. Haverford and a Muhlenberg loss to Ursinus. The Green Terror is in with a win tonight vs. Dickinson and a Swarthmore loss. The Mules get the #4 position with a win over the Bears and a McDaniel loss. If those three teams all win, Swarthmore wins a goal-differential tie-breaker. If they all lose ... and Franklin & Marshall defeats Gettysburg ... there is a six-way tie at 3-5. In that scenario, McDaniel is the #4 seed. If the Bullets defeat the Diplomats and we are left with a five-way deadlock, Ursinus is the #4 seed.

Men's Tennis
Johns Hopkins (8-0 CC) can clinch the #1 seed with a win against Haverford (7-1 CC) on Saturday. A Ford victory and a Swarthmore (7-1 CC) loss to Franklin & Marshall (5-3 CC) gives Haverford the top spot. A Garnet victory would create a three-way tie at 8-1. If Haverford scores at least seven points vs. Hopkins, the Fords are #1. Five or six points gives the Jays the #1 seed. Washington (5-3 CC) secures the #4 seed with a win vs. Dickinson. A Shoremen loss and an F&M win gives the Diplomats the final berth. Losses by WC and F&M creates a three-way tie for fourth place. In that scenario, if Dickinson scores seven or more points, the Red Devils get the final seed.

Women's Tennis
The four playoff teams are set - Johns Hopkins (8-0 CC), Haverford (7-2 CC), Washington (7-2 CC) and Muhlenberg (6-2 CC) - and the tournament will be played in Baltimore next weekend. The Shorewomen are the #2 seed with a win against Dickinson, while a Red Devil victory opens the door for the Mules to take the second spot with wins against Bryn Mawr and Gettysburg. Losses by Washington and Muhlenberg leave the door open for the Fords to take the #2 position with a win against Hopkins.

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