Friday, February 20, 2009

"We're way past the big-speech time ..."

"We're way past the big-speech time ..." It's the final day of the regular season in Centennial basketball play. One playoff berth remains open on both the men's and women's side with three teams battling for the men's last spot and two for the women's final slot.

Women's Basketball
Muhlenberg (17-0 CC, 21-3) is the top seed and plays for Conference history Saturday at Ursinus, as the Mules try to become the first team to win all 18 regular-season contests. Dickinson (10-7, 13-11) travels to Franklin & Marshall (11-6, 14-10) needing a win to keep its playoff hopes alive. The Red Devils are out with victories by Johns Hopkins and Gettysburg. The Diplomats can be anywhere from the #2 (with a win) to the #5 seed (with a loss), depending on the day's outcome. The Bullets (10-7, 13-11) find themselves in a similar situation as their rivals from Carlisle. A win at home against McDaniel (11-6, 14-10) can get the Orange and Blue in a first round tournament game, unless Dickinson and Washington are victorious. The Green Terror earns a first-round bye with a victory or a Wednesday night first-round game if it loses. The Blue Jays (11-6, 13-11) are in the field and can earn a first-round bye with a win at Washington (unless McDaniel and F&M win as well). Despite the possibility of Swarthmore (9-8, 12-12) tying for the final spot, the Blue Jays lose all tie-breakers.

Men's Basketball
We know that Franklin & Marshall (14-3, 21-3), McDaniel (13-4, 18-6), Muhlenberg (11-6, 15-9) and Gettysburg (10-7, 15-8) are in the field. The Diplomats can clinch the top seed with either a win at Dickinson or the Green Terror loss at the Battlefield. The Green and Gold takes the #1 seed with a win and an F&M loss. The Mules can secure a first-round bye with a win at Ursinus, or if the Bullets lose to McDaniel. A 'Berg loss opens the door for Gettysburg to get the #3 seed and the bye with a victory against the Terror. With me so far??? Haverford (8-9, 11-12) gets the fifth and final berth with a home win against Swarthmore. The Fords can also use the backdoor to the playoffs with a loss and losses by Ursinus and Washington. The Shoremen (8-9, 11-13) get in with a win vs. Johns Hopkins and a Haverford loss. The Bears (7-10, 11-13) can return to defend their 2008 title with a win against Muhlenberg combined with losses by Haverford and Washington. Despite the possibility of Hopkins (7-10, 13-11) tying for the final spot, the Blue Jays lose all tie-breakers.

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