Friday, February 01, 2008

Basketball Without Books

Semester Break on an Empty Campus.
by Sarah Meisenberg, Franklin & Marshall

During the winter months when the rest of school is on vacation in the Bahamas, we spend six hours a day playing basketball. Our days consist of 2-3 practices, film, and then spending nights on the couch almost unable to walk. This schedule probably appeals to very few people but that’s what playing a college sport is like, and the rewards are worth the troubles.
We enjoy spending a lot of time together, eating three meals a day and going to events such as men’s games, the movies, the mall, and out to special dinners. Spending time with your teammates is very important because I really do believe that it makes everyone closer on the court.

We are also lucky to have a lot of support from professors and fans who organized a team dinner for parents, players and coaches.

Perhaps one of the most favorite and intense activities of the team is playing Singstar. This involves everyone singing into a microphone as loud as they can, trying to follow the words on the screen and seeing how close they can get to the proper pitch. Although this may sound a little elementary, it enhances team chemistry off the court.

With hardly any other students back on campus, spending time with the team is mainly all there is to do, but when you love your teammates like I do, you can make some of the most memorable experiences ever. Many members of the team that I have talked to think that this winter break was a very productive month and the bond we have gained off the court translates to our play in the gym.

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