Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Recruiting Dance

Part II in the New York Times series on recruiting in small college athletics ran in Sunday's editions. Links to the stories can be found below.

Choreographing the Recruiting Dance
"It is all about the coach's list. More than 80 high school athletes went to Haverford College on Oct. 1 to inspect the campus, meet potential teammates and monitor classes, but for many there was a tacit tension. They were trying to gauge their standing on a secret ranking of players each coach will forward to the admissions office."

Racing One Another, Athletes are Driven to Early Decisions
"As athletic recruiting in Division III college sports has become more competitive, trends trickle down from the high-powered world of Division I. The most recognizable one has been new pressure on high school athletes to file early-decision applications by November, a process that binds them to a college if accepted in December."

Trying to Achieve Diversity by Persuasion
"Greg Kannerstein, the longtime athletic director and former coach and player at Haverford College, has watched the recruiting process in Division III athletics transform from a homespun endeavor to an orchestrated, expensive enterprise. High school athletes, trying to catch the eye of coaches at elite small colleges, now routinely tour the country to audition at showcases, and many hire recruiting services to market themselves."

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