Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No Easy Answer to Tragedy's Call

Haverford Athlete Forsakes Competition for Caring
by Mike Jensen, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Heidi Jutsum walked through Philadelphia International Airport last week, just off a flight, wearing a Haverford College sweatshirt and sandals, carrying a backpack and small athletic bag. She looked like any other sleepy-eyed college student returning from a fall-break trip.

This was her trip: Flying to Guatemala City, meeting with officials from a Mayan widows' and orphans' group, conferring with an official from the Guatemalan vice president's office and with the Canadian ambassador, and awaiting an Air Canada plane with supplies meant for a village virtually buried by a mudslide caused by a hurricane that went almost unnoticed in the United States.

That was just the start of her journey."

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